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About Me

Hello and Welcome 

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with experience working with adult individuals, providing psychotherapy for a wide range of concerns, such as: mood concerns, women's issues, self-esteem, relationships, career/work stress.


I specialize in grief/loss and feel passionate about the challenges inherent in all forms of transition, adjustment to change, and how that impacts a person's evolution.


I believe in the power of growth from experiences of pain and struggle as well as the importance of engaging mindfully in becoming the person you seek to be.

I provide therapy via telehealth and in-person.

I use a confidential platform that is HIPAA compliant. Please feel free to share your preference with me.


I am trained as a generalist and
Specialize in grief & loss

Grief & Loss

Therapy offers solace to grieving hearts. Guiding you with compassion, we embark on a journey of healing and rediscovery. Within the safe haven of our sessions, we navigate the depths of your emotions, illuminating a path towards renewed hope. Together, we honor cherished memories and embrace the promise of a brighter tomorrow.


Anxiety, a natural response turned overwhelming, need not control your narrative. In therapy, we unravel its layers, understanding triggers and thought patterns. Through tailored strategies and open dialogue, we build resilience, fostering a sense of calm mastery. 


Depression's weight can be lifted. In therapy, we gently explore its roots, untangling thoughts and emotions. Through personalized approaches, we cultivate coping skills and self-care. Together, we forge a path towards light and renewed purpose, where you reclaim your narrative and find the strength to author a story of resilience and hope.


Transition, a constant in life, can be both challenging and transformative. In therapy, we navigate these shifts with empathy and insight. Through open conversations, we unravel uncertainties and develop coping strategies. Guided by your strengths, we create a map for embracing change, fostering resilience and growth. 


Self-esteem, a cornerstone of well-being, can be nurtured. In therapy, we untangle negative beliefs, fostering self-compassion and understanding. Through tailored strategies, we cultivate a positive self-image, empowering you to embrace your worth and navigate life's challenges with confidence. Together, we can craft a narrative of empowerment and authenticity.


Spirituality, a deeply personal journey, finds its place in therapy. Together, we explore your beliefs, values, and connection to something greater. Guided by respect and open dialogue, we integrate spiritual insights into your growth. Nurturing this dimension, we harmonize your inner self, fostering a sense of purpose and inner peace on your unique path.

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