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I'm a traditional talk therapist, meeting clients for 60 minutes approximately once a week. Therapy starts with a one-session initial assessment that is structured. On-going sessions are primarily directed by exploring and processing what is on your mind or what you would like to work on. For more on this topic, please see "My Approach". 

Mindfulness / Meditation

If you're looking for greater ease in your life, training in mindfulness and meditation can be helpful. I can teach you skills to approach your life's moments without judgement and with acceptance of 'what is'. Probably the easiest hard thing to do! And if you, like many others, find your mind racing or you have relentless thinking, I can teach you meditation techniques to find the space between your thoughts, to quiet mind + body, to learn to center, and to discover that you can, in spite of how impossible it might feel, focus your thoughts more consistently where you want them to be and not just to the places your thoughts take you.

A note about Emotional Support Animals

While I am able to provide documentation (for existing clients) for emotional support animals for housing considerations, airlines are no longer accepting documentation or providing accommodations for flying with your pet. Please see:

My Approach

My Approach

I work only with adults but have clients from 18 to 86 years old. I am curious, interested, and engaged in aspects of identity including, but not limited to, religious affiliation, cultural identifications, sexual orientation, age, experience, and histories. Because I see the the whole range of life experience, I can help with any manner of life transition, from adjusting to college life to finding meaning in life again after a spouse dies. From mid-life confusion to career change. The whole enchilada.


I approach my work from multiple perspectives including humanistic, existential, mindfulness, & relational. It is not uncommon for physicians to tell their patients to seek CBT therapy. I'm pretty sure this is because this is the only therapy of which they are familiar. While CBT can be great, the first thing to look for is a therapist that helps you to feel comfortable, heard, and safe. Those core conditions need to be met before you can allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to work through the important and sensitive issues in your life.

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